When I tell you to think of a purple car, you will imagine a purple car in your mind.

When I tell you NOT to think of a purple car, you will imagine a purple car in your mind.

The same applies to the concept of the Law of…

Who doesn’t love flying?

The main experience starts when you enter the airplane while hearing this calm melody and a voice welcoming you aboard.

You look for your seat, put away your hand baggage and finally sit down while looking for the seatbelt.

Some people immediately take their book…

You may have heard of intermittent fasting.

You choose regular time periods to eat and fast.

For instance, you might try eating only during an 8 hour period each day and fast for the remainder.

Fasting for 16 hours is popular when it comes to intermittent fasting.

You start…

Reducing your phone use has a lot to do about what apps you have installed on it.

Remove all apps and you will use your phone less.

No surprise there.

What we really want is to be able to use our phones less while all apps remain installed.


It is much easier to fool someone online than offline.

Online you can tell any person any story you want since all you need to do is typing the words.

While typing you can decide to beautify particular details or invent details to spice up your story.

I mean…who…

Who doesn’t love food!?

A life without the pleasures of food will undoubtedly be less exciting.

Food is one of the many go-to factors of life that we can feel easily grateful for.

Like with anything, good high-quality food takes time.

Patience, care, and dedication are required like with…

When we approach someone or meet someone, questions will be asked.

You ask questions to get information from that person.

The more information you gain, the more opportunity there is to connect with the person.

You learn about the person. You understand what the person is about it.


Our phones have amazing high-quality cameras.

The need for a separate device to film events, trips, and priceless moments is long gone.

The smartphone brought many devices to an old school level or made them simply obsolete.

Combine that with the fact that a smartphone is not as heavy…

Scrolling is an addictive activity.

The same applies to swiping on a dating app, you just don’t know when to stop.

You tell yourself okay this is the last post I see or the last person that I will swipe left or right.

But somehow you’re still scrolling or…

Those days that we only have 1 screen to entertain ourselves with are long over.

With the advent of the television we started to program ourselves that it is perfectly fine and normal to look at a screen for a couple of hours.

Then the personal computer made its…

Johan Versteegh

I help people unchain themselves from their phones and social media. Technology is good, but we need to preserve our mind and spirit. Socialmediabreakup.com.

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