Assign a Dedicated Place for Your Devices

Johan Versteegh
1 min readJul 2, 2020


“Put your devices away!”

Who hasn’t heard this advice about our phone use?

We say it a lot, and yes anyone who claims you should put your device away is probably right.

Our level of self-awareness is high enough to admit we use our phones a lot.

But….where do we have to leave our phones?

We have to put them away but…..where is away?

Should we put our phones in our pocket? On the table? In a closet?

Well, that’s the question you will want to know the answer to.

When you implement the no phone zone rule, you don’t want to be thinking about where to leave your phone.

Think of a designated space where you want to leave your phone.

I call this place: the phone lounge.

A spot where the whole family can leave their phones.

It’s ideal that you use that same spot to charge your devices as well.

Know where your phone lounge is at home, at the office, and anywhere where you want to stay away from your phone.

When you’ve done that, you don’t need to contemplate on where to leave your phone anymore.

Because the moment you have to think about it…well… that’s the moment you just put your device next to you or in front of you.

Check out the video, and start allocating a proper space where your smartphone can be with itself ( or with the other smartphones) in peace.

Originally published at on July 2, 2020.



Johan Versteegh

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