Don’t Absorb the News so Much on a Daily Basis Part 2

Earlier this week I wrote about being careful with reading and watching the news.

I’ll elaborate a bit more.

News is a broad term. There is international news, national news, sports, business, politics, entertainment, tech news, and so on.

When you watch e.g. business or tech news because you’re interested in the topic, and you need to stay updated for your vocation, then that’s totally understandable.

What you want to be careful with, is with international and national news showing murder, death, misery, and negativity.

When you do engage in such content, try to read or watch for just a few minutes from a reliable source.

But as I wrote in a previous blog, you can’t believe everything you see or read.

Even reliable sources may sometimes not share the complete story.

The more you expose yourself to negativity, the more it will rub off on you.

Your attention and focus shift multiple times a day to such topics which mean they may be circulating longer in your mind.

The more you discuss and talk about all those bad events that happen daily, the more you are not focusing on subjects that are far more important in your life.

You may be right about certain happenings or people, but if of all the millions of things it is the news that dominates your mind a lot….don’t you think that’s a huge waste?

Of course, if you’re doing something about any events you see on the news like being a part of a movement to make a difference, that’s different.

But most of us merely watch, complain, and share our thoughts with others.

The terrible events that happen every day don’t deserve your constant time, attention, and focus. So while you may be right with your opinion, (similar to your idea of wanting to use your phone less), you want to be living your one precious life mindfully with the right people, dreams, interests, and events on your mind.

Watch the video and become mindful about when, for how long, and what type of news you want to absorb every day.

Then you want to be mindful regarding how much of that energy you want to bring into the household and world.

Originally published at on July 8, 2020.

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