• Jaimie Dolan

    Jaimie Dolan

    Artist of many mediums-animation director, photographer, writer, illustrator. https://www.jaimiedolan.com

  • Tara Massan

    Tara Massan

    Yoga Teacher. Life Coach. Writer. Born to express not impress loves. Visit me at www.taramassan.com to learn more and connect!

  • Gaia Bernstein

    Gaia Bernstein

    Law professor Writing about how to stop blaming ourselves for spending too much time on screens and work together for real change https://gaiabernstein.com/

  • Amandeep singh

    Amandeep singh

  • Sarang Akhare

    Sarang Akhare

    SAP Technical Consultant by profession, Recently started Reading and writing…..loving it.

  • Ivan Rudolph

    Ivan Rudolph

    Australian author of 13 books , see ivanrudolph.com My new book “Your Origin and Destiny” is original and ground-breaking. It answers who you REALLY are!!

  • MR. Molly Maguire

    MR. Molly Maguire

    Investor. Trader. Writer.

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