Stop Anticipating Those Infamous Push Notifications

Push notifications like to surprise you.

They can appear in 5 minutes, 15 minutes or half hour. You don’t know.

That excitement, that feeling somehow can feel like “fun”. After all, it is a surprise.

That notification can be anything or from anybody!

Many of those notifications though are not important.

It’s nice that someone sends you a message, but is it so important to know at that very moment?

Probably not.

Imagine enjoying yourself for one hour where you’re watching a movie or are chilling with a friend.

Now if you have those notifications turned on and 7 notifications arrived in that hour, that means your phone successfully demanded your attention 7 times.

So 7 times you were disrupted in your movie experience and connection opportunity with your friend.

Imagine that your notifications were turned off. After the hour you decide there is a good opportunity to check your phone. You then see immediately all those 7 notifications.

So what’s the difference? Your phone didn’t distract you 7 times in that hour. You were in full control of your consciousness and awareness. You were able to focus and immerse yourself in the experience.

Reduce the amount of phone grabbing, and one super effective way is to simply disable as many push notifications as possible.

Also, when you disable the notifications you don’t anticipate that next notification.

It is not going to distract you subconsciously, thinking when o when can I distract myself again!

Watch the video where I compare push notifications with the infamous slot machines.

Then go to the settings of your phone and disable the notifications once and for all.

Originally published at on August 7, 2020.

I help people unchain themselves from their phones and social media. Technology is good, but we need to preserve our mind and spirit.